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Leela Hotel Vertical Expansion Joint Bangalore

Our Story

Vexcolt India Pvt Ltd was established with the aim of providing innovative and high-quality expansion joint and movement control joint solutions, as well as waterproofing services. Our story began with a group of highly skilled professionals who saw a need for specialized solutions in these areas and set out to meet the need

We have technical sales offices in the India, UK, Europe, China, and South-East Asia. We manufacture and distribute globally.

Our team, along with architectural and engineering clients have developed innovative solutions to meet the needs of innovative building design.

We manufacture, supply and install expansion joints and related architectural solutions to always satisfy our customers.

Our Mission

What We Offer

Vexcolt India has a multitude of high quality metal and non-metal expansion joint and control joint systems, innovative waterproofing solutions. We provide round the clock technical support and customer service so that your work never stops. Please visit our products page for more info.


Vertical Expansion Joint Nikoo Bangalore

Expansion Joints and Movement Joints:

High-quality systems designed for structure movement..

Vertical and Horizontal Expansion Joint Nikoo Bangalore

Waterproofing Services:

Innovative solutions for building protection against water damage.

Vertical Expansion Joint Nikoo Bangalore

Quality Materials and Equipment:

Optimal performance through use of top-notch materials.

Our Expert Team

Vexcolt India Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of expansion joint, movement joint, and waterproofing solutions. Our products and services are designed to meet the specific needs of each project and ensure long-lasting durability. We use only the best materials and equipment, and our team of experts provides exceptional technical support and customer service.

Deepak Jain

Chairman / Director

Sanjay Garg

Business Development Head

Krishna Kumar Mishra

Operations Head

We provide the in the industry
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